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June Newsletter. May Newsletter. Still, with thrillers, you do sometimes have to make plausibility allowances, so this element may not prove troublesome to all readers. Part of what hindered my enjoyment of this book, which I could otherwise have consumed as mere Da Vinci Code -esque fluff, is that it disturbs me, as a scholar, how much this book not only entertains anti-Stratfordian opinions, but implies that very serious people in the Shakespearean world would not only hold those opinions, but hold them strongly enough to commit all sorts of heinous crimes to prove them true.

I started to recoil as soon as Carrell broached the topic, and eventually, that aversion colored my reading of the text pretty strongly.

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I now know how art historians and theologians alike must feel about Dan Brown. I could cheerfully entertain all of that, if not for the liberal allowance suggesting that any of it might be true. The jet-setting aspect of the book, volleying from London to Harvard to the Southwest to Spain and ricocheting back and forth between some of those a few times is a fun diversion, and Carrell does an admirable job of painting her landscapes.

One of the critical failings in this book, unfortunately, lies in its protagonist and narrator.

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Kate is an superlative scholar and director because Carrell tells us that she is, rather than showing us. Interred with Their Bones manages to fall into both pits multiple times at different points in the story.

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Interred with Their Bones was adequate summer-read entertainment. Hi, I'm not sure this comment is in the correct place, but here goes. If you're interested in novels that derive their inspiration from Shakespeare's plays, I have one for you: 'The Scottish Movie', by Paul Collis.