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Men want it all and have the skewed notion that another woman will make the longing for something more disappear. Then, they can live happily ever after with their wife—and their mistress—without confronting the real issues. Fact 4: Men hate themselves after affairs. You may think of cheaters as men without morals, but while they may like what they did, they tend to despise themselves after their indiscretions.

Orlando, author of The Problem with Women Is Men. Fact 5: Cheaters often get friskier with their wives when affairs begin. Just because a husband's touchy-feely doesn't mean his marriage is on firm footing. If you notice a sudden change in your husband's sex drive, it should raise a red flag. Be on the lookout for the switch to flip off again. Fact 6: Women cheat just as much as men, and their affairs are more dangerous. An Indiana University study shows that men and women cheat at the same rate.

But "the reasons the sexes cheat are different," says Orlando. He explains women are more likely to cheat for emotional satisfaction. Becoming emotionally invested in another person means you've likely checked out of your marriage.

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But if it's just sex, it's less about attachment and more about a hurtful mistake. Fact 7: A wife often knows her husband's cheating. They probably did, but couldn't bear to acknowledge it. Brosh, the jilted celebrities were likely doing the same thing: choosing what they could live with for the sake of their kids or to avoid humiliation and the fallout. Fact 8: A couple will never work it out when the husband is in the midst of an affair. They could agree to work on things, but it won't matter. If he's still in the throes of a hot, new romance, nothing a woman does will drag him out of it.

The marriage will likely fail, unless he decides on his own accord that life isn't better with the other woman. So the key is prevention. Continue to be the woman he first fell for throughout your marriage. Men aren't attracted to that. Fact 9: Affairs can often fix a marriage.

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Is infidelity the kiss of death for a couple? Not always. Derek starts dating a nice nurse named Rose. Alex and Rebecca: Cripes, these two. Rebecca Elizabeth Reaser was a Jane Doe during the ferry-boat accident who needed a face transplant, and she and Alex form a deep bond. But she ends up being extremely unstable and things go south fast. Callie develops feelings for cardio surgeon Erica Hahn Brooke Smith.

Callie is very hesitant and eventually Erica gets fed up and leaves Seattle. Callie and Mark embark on a friends-with-hot-benefits relationship as they both avoid feelings for other people. Izzie starts to see the ghost of Denny Duquette. You are not alone.

Thankfully, the show recovers! It gets good again! Yes, the Ghost Sex gets an explanation: Izzie has a brain tumor. Not great for her, but good for everyone else questioning what happened to this show. Arizona Robbins Jessica Capshaw : Pediatric surgeon and wearer of rolly sneakers.

16 States Where You Can Get That Cheating Jerk Thrown in Jail

Not everything about it is debilitatingly gut-wrenching—Meredith and Derek get married on a post-it note! A Post-It Note wedding! Cristina and Owen: V. Dare I say, she seems much more into this guy than she ever was with Burke? Owen has demons though. Bailey can do much better. These two get married! Izzie is too weak to make it all the way down the aisle, and George helps her the rest of the way.

Feel free to sob whenever you want.

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The body bags are really starting to pile up on this show. Several new characters arrive, but you only need worry about are Jackson Avery Jesse Williams , hotshot resident and grandson of renowned surgeon Harper Avery he has a prestigious award named after him!

Elsewhere, Webber starts drinking again and has to step down as chief — Derek takes the job. Bailey starts dating cute anesthesiologist Ben Warren Jason George. Bon Voyage: Izzie gets fired after a patient mishap, and leaves Seattle. She pops back in, but her marriage is not salvageable. Again, Alex has matured through this relationship. Our Alex!

She pops in from Private Practice during season seven, but will return in full force later. Though incredibly hard to watch, the incident changes a lot of our characters going forward.

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Meredith watches Derek get shot by the angry husband of a patient he lost. He almost dies and she has a miscarriage. Alex almost dies of a gunshot wound. April and Jackson bond after losing their two best friends.

Webber finally steps up and acts like the chief we all know him to be. Meredith and Derek: They keep trying for a baby, but decide adoption is their best option. They meet a little girl named Zola and fall in love. They get married at City Hall, for real this time. Cristina and Owen: Cristina has the hardest time post-shooting and one way she acts out is by marrying Owen. Although she wears a fabulous slinky red wedding dress, no one thinks this is a good idea.

Callie and Arizona: Another couple spatting over kids.

Arizona takes off for a project in Africa and Callie stays behind, sleeps with Mark, and gets pregnant. They work it out, Callie and Arizona get married, and the three parent little Sofia together.